[GoE]: Fragging & Capping with the power of Ra

Rockin' since 02/1999.

team fortress classic

established 04/1999, drowning our dm-section
competed in friendlies, igl, dtfcl, decl, clanwars2000, gtfl, espl, bwtfcl, etfcl and a couple of cups and tournaments.
192 matches (146 wins, 37 losses, 9 draws)
retired 09/2002
clan homepage
DeCL 2nd place logo 1st place GTFL 2001 custom cup 1st place ESPL TFC League Season 2

team fortress 2

Oh my, did this turn out different than everyone expected. And it arrived somewhat later too, but still before DNF.
Squad established 12/2007.
Also on that same classic clan homepage.

team deathmatch

established 02/1999 (?)
competed in friendlies and an early league.
then we discovered "lanparty.exe"=tfc.


established 12/2001
competed in friendlies, Clanbase and BWQ3FTL
16 matches (12 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw)
retired 07/2002